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Health insurance companies have hijacked health care making it difficult for doctors and nurses to do what they do best, and nobody’s happy

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Micromanaging doctor-patient relationships creates unnecessary friction and adds to the cost of healthcare
Outdated technology and arcane processes wastes time and money – for doctors, patients and employers
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Health insurance companies are putting profits over people. Healthcare has become dollar-care
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After two decades of intense consolidation, the health insurance industry’s one-size-fits-all approach has failed its stakeholders. Health insurance companies have hijacked health care making it difficult for doctors and nurses to do what they do best, and nobody is happy.

That’s why we started over. Doing things differently, we create new-found value by collaborating with local doctors to identify avoidable costs while focusing on improving the doctor-patient experience. Health plans without the hassles.
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Autonomy and accountability allows us to attract the "best" doctors delivering lower costs and a better experience for everyone
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Innovative, aligned doctors reduces unnecessary pre-authorizations, and meaningless peer reviews
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Our VxtraCare® team collaborates and facilitates a better experience for patients and doctors

We have the solution


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Cost Savings

Vxtra Health is focused on delivering transformational solutions for a large, highly fragmented $26B niche market controlled by large health insurance companies. A market segment ripe for disruption.

We develop and manage health plans without the hassles for self-insured, middle market employers.  By collaborating with the best doctors in select local markets, we leverage enabling technology to decrease costs, to deliver better health outcomes and improve the experience for employers, employees and doctors alike.

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Join a movement to advance solutions to align the interests of doctors, patients and self-funded employers
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Our Leadership

Singularly focused. Identify the best doctors and help them restore the value of a highly personalized doctor-patient relationship in the marketplace.

We’re a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, innovative doctors, and experts in digital transformation who, together, bring decades of experience as innovators and disruptors.