A start over

Collaborating and partnering with innovative doctors and nurses to help them do what they do best

We develop and manage health plans without the hassles for self insured, middle market employers. Unique in the marketplace, our mission is to collaborate and partner with the best local doctors to use cloud-first technologies and 21st century interoperability standards to leverage real-time, financial, medical, and pharmacy information.

This results in a more cost-efficient operating model that drives a better experience and better health outcomes. It’s a fact, better health outcomes mean lower costs.

Vxtra Health’s vision is to become the category leader by enabling the journey to value-based care. Optimizing visibility to enterprise-wide information and better data analytics results in the elimination of unnecessary pre authorizations. A feature that attracts the best doctors. Doctors who see what the future of patient-centered healthcare could, and should, encompass.

No one disagrees, the future is value-based care. Our solutions attract the best doctors who want to develop new solutions, not sit on the sidelines.

Micromanaging doctor-patient relationships creates unnecessary friction and adds to the cost of healthcare

Outdated technology and arcane processes wastes time and money – for doctors, patients and employers

It’s time for a course correction. Institutional, one size fits all, “dollar-care” isn’t working. We’re putting the care back into healthcare.

That’s why we started over.

Thinking different, we collaborate, partner, and enable local doctors to deliver

health plans without the hassles.

Autonomy and accountability allows us to attract the “best” doctors delivering lower costs and a better experience for everyone

Industry first capacity to leverage real time integration of claims and EHR clinical data

Our VxtraCare® team navigates, collaborates and facilitates a better experience for patients and doctors

We have the solution

A large, underserved category ripe for disruption, it is a highly fragmented $125B niche market controlled by health insurance companies, legacy third-party administrators (TPA’S), “call-center” care management companies, and Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBM’s).

Don't sit on the sideline!



Join the movement to restore the value of a trusted doctor-patient relationship

Our Leadership

We’re a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, innovative clinicians, and experts in digital transformation who know how to take big ideas and deliver big results for all of our stakeholders.

Larry Hightower

Chief Executive Officer

Charlie Elliott


John Brown, MD, MHA

Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Bob DiLoreto, MD

Medical Information Officer

Brian Coffey

Chief Information Officer

Jerry Quinn

Chief Operation Officer

Tino Valentino

Chief Financial Officer

Dyanne Lane, RN, MBA, DNP, CENP

Vice President, Clinical Solutions

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