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Vxtra Health is a full replacement health plan for self-insured, middle market employers. Our team of seasoned entrepreneurs, innovative doctors, and digital transformation experts have come together to collaborate on a groundbreaking and disruptive solution geared toward restoring the doctor-patient relationship and providing quality healthcare.

Health insurance companies have hijacked healthcare.

The health insurance market demands disruption and needs innovation.


We’re promoting the value of a hyper-curated network of engaged doctors as the untapped, disruptive force that will bring new value to the marketplace.

Self-insured employers

Through data-driven collaboration with doctors, we can eliminate unnecessary barriers to care and identify and eliminate avoidable costs.


Advanced analytics and highly personalized patient navigation processes means the patient is empowered with better navigation and improved access to care.

Reasons to invest

Vxtra Health is about healthcare, not moneycare. Our business model is focused on creating newfound value by improving doctor-patient relationships; as contrarians, our doctor-centric approach is in the establishing of a distinguishable brand focused on becoming a category leader in the emerging value-based care space.


This highly fragmented, $27B market is growing at 11% annually


The category of large, self-insured employers attracted $15B in digital health investments in 2021


In 2021, Vxtra Health attracted $1.65M in seed funding from influential doctors, strategic industry partners and our founders

What does the doctor have to say?

Permission-based medicine has come to the end of its life. Invest in the future of medicine, and restore the patient-doctor relationship.

Big health insurance companies have come to practice medicine – without a license. All too often, red tape and bureaucratic challenges contribute significantly – to the detriment of the patient’s health – delays in care.

The pre-authorization impedes timely and efficient provision of care. It questions doctors’ decisions and never compensate them, or their staff, for time and effort spent. Nor does it assume medical and legal responsibility for patient outcomes.

We’re in the business of collaborative care.

The days of insurer-led dollar-care are no longer sustainable for doctors, employers and patients.

Collaborative care organisation

Traditional Health insurance

Collaborative care organisation

Traditional Health insurance

A collaborative environment, based on a fully integrated, open source, end-to-end technology

Vxtra Health will connect its highly curated network of local doctors with self-insured, middle market employers, reducing the friction for patients and doctors.

Strategic Partners

The following organizations have recognized the transformational vision, mission and value of Vxtra Health.

Our Leadership

Larry Hightower

Chief Executive Officer

Charlie Elliott


Tino Valentino

Chief Financial Officer

Bob DiLoreto, MD

Medical Information Officer

Brian Coffey

Chief Information Officer

Jerry Quinn

Chief Operation Officer

Mel Mendenhall

Chief Sales Officer

Gail Tolbert

Chief People Officer

Health plans done right. Finally.

Health insurance and PBMs have for far too long been able to dictate processes, procedures and prescriptions, often in direct conflict with the experienced-based medical judgment of doctors. Through our configurable, open source and cloud-based architecture, we bring local doctors and self-insured employers together to facilitate unfiltered collaboration – which results in the design of better health plans.

Profitable for doctors, employers and employees.

Vxtra Health competes against legacy health insurance companies and their administrative service offerings and provider network contracts they sell to self-insured, middle market employers, an under-served, highly fragmented category. We focus on solutions that can be optimized in major urban markets. We offer more cost-efficient and customer-centric alternatives to claims administration, care management and traditional PPO network contracts that are sold and managed by legacy health insurance companies.

The future of healthcare is here. And you can be a part of it.

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